Sunday, May 20, 2012

An introduction

Hello friends, family and followers.

After much thought, here I am, finally opening a blog for public posting.

Over the past decade or so, I've spent time filling in thoughts via several blogs. I chose to keep those all semi-private by only inviting a handful of friends to view them. Much of my posts were more personal thoughts and frustrations that I've never felt comfortable airing to just anyone.

As I've matured to adulthood, my concerns and complaints have certainly changed.  I began my first blog in 2003, just prior to my high school graduation. When I read back through the entry archives of that blog, I can't help but shake my head at my teenage rants, moans and complaints. Nearly ten years later, those thoughts all seem so childish and trivial.

Most of my concerns now, I would like to think, are of a more adult variety. I worry about money. I worry about my future. I worry about the state of the country. I worry about the lack of a decent health care system. I wonder about this country's ignorance when it comes to the more taboo topics; abortion, gay marriage, etc. I worry about the increasing number of youth suicides, especially in relation to bullying. I will talk about a lot of these things on this blog, I'm sure.

I'll also talk about my interests from time to time. I enjoy video games, comic books, swimming, writing, reading, painting, craft-work... I enjoy reading immensely and can get into various genres; Fiction, Science Fiction, Biographies and Auto-Biographies, Historical Fiction, Contemporary and especially Classics.

I may also find myself talking about the books I am enjoying as a blog post simply because so many of my friends read and enjoy the same types of books as myself and I'm sure I'll find them following this page.

While this introduction just barely scratches the surface of who I am, here's hoping that as I explore the openness of public blogging, I will also open new paths in old relationships. Maybe I'll better get to know my  new friends and  new and 'old' family (or they'll better get to know me). I absolutely invite any of you to follow this blog, comment, share your wisdom with me, learn from me and teach me.

The only thing I ask is that everyone leave their bigotry, hatred & bad attitudes at the metaphorical door. I have no time or tolerance for it.

Having said that, I hope that this blog results in great discussions of logic, reason and learning as well plain old good conversation.

Good day to you all and welcome to my blog :)

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